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Sydney Metro upgrades safety and accessibility

Commuters going up escalators

More than 60 lifts, 140 escalators, 1300 Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and a range of station systems equipment have been ordered for Sydney Metro West as part of its Systems Frameworks package.

The package is comprised of two contracts, ensuring consistency of products and systems along the Sydney Metro West alignment.


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As part of the first contract, Schindler will design, supply, install and maintain about 60 lifts and 140 escalators for the nine new stations between the CBD and Westmead.

The second contract, awarded to Honeywell, includes the design, supply, installation and maintenance of other systems.

This consists of Public Address Systems with about 8000 speakers to keep customers informed, CCTV Systems to ensure safe, fast and reliable services with about 1300 cameras across the alignment,  Passenger Information Display Systems providing about 120 display boards with up-to-date trip information, Fire Detection Systems to ensure safety across the alignment, Building Management Control Systems to supervise operation of the Sydney Metro West stations, and Electronic Access Control Systems to manage staff security access to operational areas of the stations.

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