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Milwaukee Tool’s MX FUELTM Equipment System aims to eliminate dangers such as tripping breakers, voltage drops and flammable materials on site.

Milwaukee Tool’s new MX FUEL™ range has introduced a new class of fully battery-operated Changing light equipment with enhanced user benefits. Product Manager Chris Parker speaks to Roads & Infrastructure about some of the unique features in the tools.

Milwaukee Tool’s MX FUEL equipment series is placing an innovative twist on the conventional battery powered equipment used in industries such as construction and mining.

Chris Parker, Milwaukee Tool’s Product Manager for Power Tools, says the range was developed by the Milwaukee Tool global team to address fatigue and potential hazards associated with using bulky, corded tools within the construction industry.

“Milwaukee Tool, as a global business, wanted to develop a battery solution for the light equipment market,” he says. “There had been some frustration for certain applications and across some Milwaukee Tool’s MX FUEL Equipment System aims to eliminate dangers such as tripping breakers, voltage drops and flammable materials on site.

products in the construction industry, particularly for corded and fuelled equipment. So the team spent a lot of time with the users to understand their pain points, trying to see how we could possibly solve those issues and make the users’ life easier whilst on the job site.”

Insight into industry applications and the user concerns and frustrations provided Milwaukee Tool with a clear goal and vision for the development of its new range.

The ambition to create a line of products which could satisfy the light equipment market led to a solution which removed the need for tangled cords and the constant requirement of having fuel stored on-site, giving users fully battery-powered solutions to carry out their tasks.

But that was not all, Parker says.

“When we were developing these products, we didn’t want to just deliver equipment which would replace the cord or replace the petrol tank. We wanted to develop a product range that revolutionises the light equipment market by delivering the performance, runtime and durability demanded by the trades without the hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and the frustrations of petrol maintenance,” he says.

With MX FUEL, Milwaukee Tool also sought to deliver a product range which would re-define the industry standard
for battery powered equipment. This was aided by four exclusive Milwaukee Tool technologies: The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, the REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, the MX FUELTM REDLITHIUM Battery Pack and the ONE-KEY digital technology.

Parker then goes on to explain how each of these technologies are incorporated in the MX FUEL range.


As Parker explains, Milwaukee Tool’s POWERSTATE Brushless Motor offers a new level of adaptability and efficiency for equipment users.

“Each of our MX FUEL products, including the Cut-Off Saw, Handheld Core Drill, Breaker and Sewer Drum Machine, are powered by a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor. These motors are uniquely created for each tool and each motor is designed slightly different depending on the requirements of the tool,” he says. “For example, a tool that generates more power may have a larger motor.

The goal was to make sure that the motor placed into these tools can be optimised to create the perfect balance of performance, productivity and mobility.”

Milwaukee Tool’s REDLINK PLUS Intelligence hardware enables communication between the tool and the battery power source, granting users the opportunity to work smarter, and not harder.

“The REDLINK PLUS Intelligence is really the brain behind the tool,” says Parker. “It communicates with the battery and the tool to make sure the tool can provide the best performance that the user requires

at any given time. The intelligent system can sense when a tool requires more power, so it can draw more power from the battery. If the tool doesn’t require as much power to go through material, then it will ease off, allowing more run time for the battery.”

Moreover, the tools’ unique instant start-up feature allows for the equipment to start through the simple pushing of a button, increasing the ease of operation for users.

“We know from talking to end users that petrol tools over a long time may be harder to start. Our unique instant start-up feature allows users to just push a button and they are all good to go within seconds,” Parker says.

Milwaukee Tool’s focus on increasing productivity and efficiency also extends to its ONE-KEY technology.

As a digital platform, Milwaukee Tool’s ONE-KEY provides a platform, by which end-users can manage, monitor, and report on their equipment. This is done by providing a tool tracking option for users, greatly enhancing the security of the tools. All these aspects can be controlled by using the ONE-KEY app, offering the flexibility for users to manage tools on or off the job site.

“ONE-KEY can be used for tracking the product within a 30-metre radius. It can also be used as an inventory tracking program. So, using a free-to-download app you can manage and track all of your MX FUEL products,” Parker says.

“On the MX FUEL Tower Light/Charger, which will be launched later this year, you can also remotely change the brightness of the light emitted from the lighting tower or turn it on and off using the ONE-KEY technology. You can even lock your tools out so that strangers will not be able to use them in case the tools are stolen,” he adds.


Following the successful launch of the MX FUEL range in Australia, Milwaukee Tool has developed a dedicated team of specialists to provide real-world examples of how the equipment could be used in everyday operations.

“We’ve seen that users like to test or demonstrate the products first-hand before committing to buying these products. So we have trained a team of twelve MX FUEL job site solution specialists who can go out to job sites to offer demonstrations in real life applications,” says Parker.

“It is a free service and any buyer can contact us through our website or go to one of our authorised MX FUEL agents and book a test drive,” he adds.

Parker says feedback received by customers so far has indicated that the battery alternative option has delivered a much-sought substitute to conventionally powered tools.

“Businesses and local councils have been really impressed by it, especially for reducing, or in some cases, removing emissions. All the maintenance required by petrol tools is removed by using our product range,” Parker says.

“We know that this is only the start for the MX FUEL range in Australia and the potential is going to be huge in the years to come. So we are building our team now to be able to cope with the influx when users get to see their benefits in their business.”

For more information and to book a test drive with one of Milwaukee Tool’s MX FUEL specialists, click here.

This article was originally published in the November edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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