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TEC’s latest innovation in hot bitumen transport – the ADR/RID Bitutainer

Material provided by TEC Solutions 

The container logistics landscape is constantly advancing, and at TEC, the company ensures that its at the forefront of these innovations, crafting pathways to new possibilities and transforming industry standards. With the unveiling of our latest bitumen transport container, the ADR/RID Bitutainer™, TEC has created a container designed to enhance the efficiency of hot bitumen transport – ushering in a new era where logistical challenges are met with smart, cost-effective solutions.

Hot bitumen transport has traditionally been a logistical puzzle, challenging operators with a choice between time-intensive cooling or shipping less per container – choices that either slow down the supply chain or reduce operational efficiency. Addressing this critical issue, the ADR/RID Bitutainer™ was created, focusing on the need for a flexible and proficient alternative to current solutions.

This reimagined container not only meets all cool bitumen transport standards, but it also includes ADR/RID certification, allowing for hot bitumen transport too. This accreditation is a game-changer, ensuring the secure and efficient movement of hot bitumen across roads and railways, effectively bypassing the need for lengthy cooling intervals. Now, direct transfers from refineries to European ports are not only possible but streamlined, leading to notable time and cost savings in logistics.

What distinguishes the ADR/RID Bitutainer™ is its meticulous design. Every aspect of this hot bitumen transport tank has been designed to improve efficiency, heat retention, and safety. From the double-walled construction, improving durability and heat retention, to stringent railway impact testing, ensuring safe transport without compromise.

The transformative aspect of this container, however, is its superior heat retention capability which is accomplished without compromising on capacity. Offering a 20 per cent capacity increase over traditional ISO tank containers, it renders the previous trade-offs between transport efficiency and product cooling obsolete. This breakthrough simplifies the logistics chain and brings unparalleled ease to operators.

The benefits of the ADR/RID Bitutainer™ extend beyond borders, facilitating the import and export of bitumen with greater efficiency, with the capacity to heat bitumen on-site and deliver it in its liquid form, the container promises a quicker, more efficient discharge process that streamlines operations for all parties involved.

TEC Solutions’ Managing Director, Jon Whittall, said the ADR/RID Bitutainer represents a transformative leap forward for the container logistics industry, addressing a critical market gap with innovative design and unparalleled efficiency.

“By removing the need for cooling periods associated with hot bitumen transport, we have unlocked new possibilities for intermodal operations and expanded the number of loading facilities available to operators,” he said.

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