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Top three construction software workflows recommended by Patterson Building Group

Top 3 Construction Software Workflows Recommended by Patterson Building Group

Material supplied by Bluebeam

Bluebeam has become an indispensable tool for Patterson Building Group (PBG) in its quest to engineer out problems and deliver projects under cost and on time.

As a Tier 3 commercial construction company, PBG has completed more than 500 projects with a portfolio exceeding $1 billion. Senior Project Engineer Shane Rohan leads the charge in adopting and implementing the latest technologies to enhance PBG’s construction process.

Shane’s role in the company primarily focuses on the design and quality of PBG’s largest projects, which currently include 45 active jobs across New South Wales alone. One of the construction technologies PBG is currently using is Bluebeam, which Shane has noted is “indispensable” for his role.

This article will explore how PBG uses Bluebeam in quantity takeoffs, design reviews and site communications.

Quantity Takeoffs 

Quantity takeoffs are crucial in any construction project, but they can be complicated and time-consuming. However, this process can be made easier and more efficient with the right tools. This is where quantity takeoffs in Bluebeam comes in handy.

PBG uses this tool to measure the volume of upcoming concrete pours. Shane explains that using this tool helps him calculate the cost of the concrete order. The design also allows him to manage complicated puddle pours or slabs with falls, especially when there are multiple different slab depths. To make the process even more efficient, Shane color codes his slab depths and uses labels to show the volume and depth used.

Without Bluebeam, Shane would have to measure slabs using a scale ruler and printed plans, a process that would take 3-4 times longer and be less accurate. The Bluebeam tool allows for a clear picture of quantities at the start and end of a project, providing quantifiable costs for increased design, such as engineers making slabs deeper after tender.

Bluebeam offers advanced features that set it apart from other construction software. Its capabilities include handling complex puddle pours and slabs with falls. Unlike other software tools, Bluebeam enables colour coding and labelling, enhancing the visualisation and communication of quantity takeoff data.

Design reviews 

Design reviews are an essential part of the construction process. With various sources of design changes, it is important to have a tool that can track all changes and ensure that the design is consistent across all stakeholders.

Patterson Building Group has found that Bluebeam’s overlay tool is particularly useful in identifying discrepancies in design changes. For example, during a tender process, a Tender Addendum change for mechanical HVAC and unclouded FCU changes were identified using a batch overlay, enabling the company to cost these changes accordingly.

The overlay tool is also used during construction to mitigate ongoing rectification costs. For instance, at one of Shane’s previous companies, the PT pans in corridors weren’t checked, which resulted in epoxy painting 1500m2 of corridors at a cost of $50/m2, amounting to a $75,000 hit because one overlay was not conducted. This illustrates the importance of using tools like Bluebeam to identify discrepancies and potential clashes early in the design process to avoid costly mistakes.

The inclusion of Bluebeam’s advanced overlay tool sets allows companies to detect discrepancies and potential clashes at an early stage of the design process. By identifying and addressing these issues upfront, valuable time and resources are saved, preventing costly mistakes during construction. Moreover, the overlay tool promotes consistency in designs among all stakeholders, minimising the risk of errors and the need for expensive rectification work.

Site communications 

Patterson Building Group is a company that understands the value of communication in the building industry.

For Shane, the amount of time Bluebeam saves him on an average daily basis is the speed of being able to provide quick markups to convey or capture content and details. The building industry, more than most other industries, has a vast number of stakeholders involved in the process. The ability to communicate accurately but quickly is paramount. With more than 60+ stakeholders in a typical project, it is essential to be able to convey accurate information quickly and efficiently.

One instance Patterson Building Group has used Bluebeam for site communication was in a situation where it needed to convey to consultants why their construction designs weren’t buildable on one of Shanes’s projects due to required tree protection zones, latent shotcrete works and existing rock levels. The ability to utilise call out boxes, clouds, pen, lines, shapes, hatching, images, screenshots and stamps all helped contribute to Shane drawing his own  section to convey to the designers not just the issue but also the proposed solution. This saved what would have been weeks worth of design amendments.

Bluebeam allows for effective communication due to its advanced features, including call out boxes, clouds and stamps. Bluebeam enables quick and efficient conveyance of accurate information. Patterson Building Group has experienced significant enhancements in its communication with stakeholders on construction projects by using Bluebeam’s multiple markup capabilities. This improved communication plays a crucial role in ensuring a shared understanding among all parties involved, helping to prevent costly errors.

Bluebeam has become an essential tool for Patterson Building Group. From quantity takeoffs to design reviews and site communications, Bluebeam has helped PBG to engineer out problems and deliver projects under cost and on time. The speed, accuracy and efficiency that Bluebeam offers have made it indispensable for PBG. By adopting and implementing the latest technologies like Bluebeam, PBG continues to enhance its construction process and improve project outcomes.

To learn more about how Patterson Building Group Bluebeam in quantity take-offs, design reviews and site communications, watch our on-demand webinar.

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