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Trout River’s live bottom Chip Spreader

Trout River Australia's live bottom chip spreader is meeting market demands.

Trout River Australia's live bottom chip spreader is meeting market demands.Back in 2006 when Neil Lehman and John Surwillo signed an exclusive agreement with Canada’s Trout River Industries to represent the Live Bottom brand in Australia and New Zealand, the two emphasised growth and innovation as the key barometers for success. Today, not only is Trout River Australia a well-established name throughout the Australian market, but is continuing to grow its product portfolio.

“Since Trout River Industries built its first trailer 16 years ago, the company has expanded its customer base and developed a reputation for manufacturing live bottom and shuttle floor trailers, and in the process has become the largest live bottom manufacturer in Canada. Now we can add Australia and New Zealand to that list,” says Mr. Lehman, pointing out that Trout River is constantly developing new accessories that can be fitted to any of its live bottom applications.

In 2013, Mr. Lehman and Mr. Surwillo introduced to the Australian transport market Trout River’s quick release ‘8 & 6 Door Chip Spreader’, which was specifically built to accommodate fleet operators in the spray and seal market. “Spraying and sealing is the surfacing treatment commonly used in rural Australia, where a lot of our clients are based,” Mr. Lehman says.

According to Mr. Surwillo, Trout River Australia’s version of the chip spreader can function as an attachment and is exclusive to their live bottom vehicles. “The Chip Spreader was developed over a course of 18 months and is innovative in the fact that it is the only unit available that can feed and discharge the product onto the road without the need to raise a body into the air. This removes the risk of contact with power lines, trees or any overhead structures and dramatically reduces the risk of rollover.”

Making it even easier to operate, the Chip Spreader can be controlled from the truck cabin via a touch screen control panel, toggle switches and remote control system. “The spotter says the remote control is better than sliced bread,” Mr. Lehman notes. “It also incorporates a hydraulic lift function, which allows clearance for a tow hitch to be fitted to the truck.”

According to both Mr. Lehman and Mr. Surwillo, Trout River’s goal is to become a leader in the road repair & asphalt market and new devices like the Chip Spreader are helping the company to set closer to that. “We are constantly looking at innovative ways to make our product even more versatile, and the new ‘quick release’ Chip Spreader will certainly create plenty of buzz in the industry and help Trout River become even more versatile, which is why we introduce more options for customers to choose from,” Mr. Surwillo says.

On top of the Chip Spreader, Trout River Australia has also released a new product called ‘The Swinger’, a standard tailgate that can be swung right out of the way to allow for loading the trailers. “The Swinger allows for secondary equipment such as a rota mill to fill our trailers without hitting rear doors or having to reach over the tailgate to load,” Mr. Lehman says. To meet market demands we have also introduced a lightweight version of our trailers utilising aluminium and domex predominantly in its build. Trout River Australia has also introduced non-belt/slatted trailers to meet customer demands.

Trout River Australia includes Borcat Trailers as their New South Wales dealer, along with Reid & Mowat Engineering, who is their new licensee in New Zealand. The moves are part of Trout River’s mantra of continually improving, expanding and providing versatile equipment that will maximise productivity in their trailers.

“It’s been nine years since John and I brought the Trout River brand to Australia’s transport market, and we couldn’t be better placed. Our portfolio is strong, while our presence has strengthened considerably interstate and now in New Zealand,” says Mr Lehman.

For more information contact Trout River Australia on 03 9793 3843

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