VIC Government committing to zero emission vehicles

Photo by Sun Wang on Unsplash

The Andrews Labour Government is set to introduce a $3,000 subsidy for Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV), as part of the government’s plan to meet a target of zero net emission by 2050.

The Victorian Government has also committed $100 million in order to make ZEVs cheaper, as well as to encourage the implementation of ZEVs into commercial fleets.

The Labour Government has also set a target for ZEV purchases, hoping for half of all new car sales to be ZEVs by 2030.

The subsidy will be available for more than 20,00 ZEV purchases from the 2 of May.

The Labour Government is investing a further $19 million into road infrastructure at major highways, as well as other key locations across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The Minister for Public Transport, Ben Carroll said the subsidy will help to grow the market for ZEVs.

“Electric and zero-emissions vehicles are the future of transport – and we’re making sure more Victorians can buy a clean, sustainable car as we prepare for this transport revolution,” Carrol said.

Victoria will work in conjunction with the other states to achieve a consistent and broad national approach for the rollout of ZEVs.

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