VicRoads to implement new road safety features

VicRoads is implementing a range of road safety features in communities around Victoria to increase safety for all road users.

Upgrades at intersections, high risk road areas and community gateways are being rolled out across the state to help prevent the most common types of crashes including head on and run-off-road crashes.

High-risk intersections in metropolitan Melbourne are being raised to reduce the risk and severity of crashes. Raised intersections are intended to act like gentle speed bumps to encourage drivers to slow down as they pass through and give drivers longer to react if something unexpected happens.

VicRoads said simply slowing down can significantly reduce the risk of causing serious injury or death in the event of a crash at an intersection.

For pedestrians at intersections, a range of improvements are being made. VicRoads is installing raised pedestrian crossings to slow vehicles and allow them to come to a safer stop, widening pedestrian crossings, allowing more time for crossing signals and adjusting speed limits to allow pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to co-exist safely.

It is also implementing specific traffic signals for cyclists at busy intersections.

When entering communities, VicRoads is installing side road activated speed sensors which trigger an electronic speed sign.

This allows drivers to check their speed before entering townships and adjust if necessary.

Alongside this initiative large speed signs with green backgrounds are bing installed and eye-catching lines on the road will indicate that the driver is approaching the town.

VicRoads says but installing these safety features throughout Victoria, it is future proofing the road network and ensuring all commuters have a safer journey.

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