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Get prepared for the return of the Roads & Infrastructure Contractor Capability Showcase in 2023.

Get prepared for the return of the Roads & Infrastructure Contractor Capability Showcase in 2023.

Across the world, skilled labour shortages and ongoing supply chain disruptions continue to put pressure not only on the roads, construction, and infrastructure sectors, but on the global economy as a whole. 

Nowhere is this more keenly felt than in Australia, where the past few years have made the oceans around the massive island nation feel vaster and more isolating than ever before. 

But as our cities and regions continue to expand, the roads and infrastructure industry must find a way to push through these challenges – all the while navigating a growing demand for safer, smarter, greener, and more reliable solutions.

The push for socially and environmentally conscious procurement has given the decision makers of the industry countless additional elements to consider, but the market is evolving and innovating in response – and the communities these projects serve are reaping the benefits, from better connected cities to more green spaces.

Rapid advancements in technology are also reshaping how projects are funded, managed, and implemented; as digitalisation, drones, and smart machinery take the world by storm. 

Amidst these winds of change, major projects across the country continue to push forward, and the infrastructure pipeline for the near future is flowing with promise at council, state, and Federal levels. With all this in mind, those feeding that pipeline need to be attuned to exactly who is doing what in the ever-growing roads and infrastructure sectors.

To help remove some of the friction in this process, Roads & Infrastructure magazine, in partnership with the Australian Flexible Pavement Association (AfPA) is proudly bringing back the Contractor Capabilities Showcase in April 2023, following another positive response from its 2022 iteration.

The showcase is designed as a convenient go-to resource to help asset managers, road owners, and governments to easily find contractors for projects of any size and scale. 

2022’s Contractor Capability Showcase provided a resource of more than 250 contractors, covering everything from earthworks and asphalt paving to line marking and materials recycling.

Now, Roads & Infrastructure is inviting all contractors and material suppliers to list their business in 2023’s showcase for free.

Whether your business specialises in asphalt paving, soil stabilisation, bitumen additives, or traffic research – we’d like to hear from you!

The 2023 Roads & Infrastructure Contractor Capabilities Showcase will run in the April 2023 edition of Roads & Infrastructure magazine.  

This article was originally published in the December edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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