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Works progress on New Fitzroy River Bridge

Works progress on New Fitzroy River Bridge

Works on the first sections of the deck for the New Fitzroy River Bridge in Western Australia are progressing, with the first segments on track to be installed in September.

The Fitzroy River Bridge was hit by Tropical Cyclone Ellie in late December 2022, causing significant damage to the structure which now requires major works.

The Fitzroy River Bridge Replacement will include the construction of a two-lane bridge over the Fitzroy River, provision of a pedestrian pathway, bridge approaches to connect the new bridge to the existing great Northern Freeway and modification of utility services required for the construction of the works.

Using an innovative engineering method, a launch pad is currently being assembled on the western side of the river from which the bridge deck will be moved into place to connect with the opposite side of the river.

Launching the bridge deck in increments will mean construction should not be affected by rising water levels during the next wet season. This will allow the bridge to be completed even if the river is flowing.


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Since early June, work has been ongoing to drive 34 piles into the riverbed to support the new bridge. Pile caps are currently being constructed on top of each set of piles to enable the columns to be put into place. Installation of the columns will commence progressively after the completion of the respective pile-caps.

Reconstruction works will also include the adjoining sections of the Great Northern Highway, which were severely eroded by flooding associated with Ex Tropical Cyclone Ellie.

Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Catherine King MP said the project was utilising local employment and supporting the local economy.

“The new bridge will also provide a critical link for the region into national supply chains, especially as we know that the area will continue to experience seasonal rains and floods,” King said.

The new bridge is scheduled to be operational by mid-2024.

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