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Young guns ready to take the industry head on

Central Asphalt Group provides a full package of road construction works.

Starting out as a bobcat specialist in 1990, Dave Speranza was a subcontractor for a lot of Victoria’s Road construction companies. Fast forward to 2023 and his company, Central Asphalt Group, now provides road profiling, asphalt paving, civil construction, and heavy haulage to the roads industry. 

A family-run business, Central Asphalt Group is about to go through a new phase. 

Owner and devoted father David Speranza is supporting and opening the doors for his two daughters Taylor and Courtney to take the reins.

Taylor, who is the Operations Manager, and Courtney, who is in Administration and Machinery Operation, both started straight out of high school – albeit a few years apart – and they haven’t looked back.

“I finished high school in 2017 and I was accepted into university,” she says.

However she decided to pursue her career with her father’s family business.

“My dad gave me the opportunity to come jump on board. It’s the most knowledge you can gain getting experience working directly in the field. I took that opportunity and ran with it. He saw potential in me and put his faith in me. I guess it’s paid off.  We’re thriving, which I’m grateful I joined back in 2018 – I haven’t looked back since,” she says.

Courtney Speranza, Administration and Machinery Operation and her sister Taylor, Operations Manager, at Central Asphalt Group (L-R).
Courtney Speranza, Administration and Machinery Operation and her sister Taylor, Operations Manager, at Central Asphalt Group (L-R).

Her sister had a similar experience.

“Courtney joined the family business back in 2014 – fast forward 10 years she now has obtained relevant competencies and licences to perform in field tasks such asphalt placement and HC Truck Driving,” she says.

Speranza admits she matured quickly as she has taken over parts of the business. Being 18 when she first started, she realises she couldn’t just go out and party like her peers. She had responsibilities to the business, her father, and other employees.

“I had to develop different aspects of my personality and skills, like leadership, problem solving and professionalism – every day is different, and I continue to grow in the role,” she says.

Both Speranza and her sister are part of their father’s succession plan to take the company to the next level. 


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“For me, our succession plan started when we rebranded the company,” she says. “Back in 2021, we decided to show the industry what we are all about”.

Taylor says the company rebranded because it needed to present all that Central Asphalt Group offers – a full package of road construction services. The old name suggested they only had bobcats on offer, when they’ve got an array of machinery available to the industry.  

“Aiming to be a head contractor ourselves and winning our own contracts and tenders has been a focus for us. Since rebranding we have successfully secured and delivered multiple multi-million-dollar contracts with our local governments in asphalt resurfacing and civil construction,” she says.

“We have also focused on updating equipment to state of the art machinery including our new Wirtgen W210 FI road profiler which is an employee favourite.”

Wirtgen Group machinery form part of Central Asphalt Group’s fleet of quality machinery.
Wirtgen Group machinery form part of Central Asphalt Group’s fleet of quality machinery.

Both Speranza and her sister know that it’s not just the capabilities of the equipment that help win contracts Customer satisfaction is a big indicator of their success. 

“We take pride in delivering quality projects and maintaining good working relationships with our clients,” she says. 

Speranza is both excited and passionate about where the company is heading in the industry. She is also acutely aware that the industry is not traditionally dominated by women. While nobody has said it out loud, there were doubters, but that only motivated her to work harder.

“Being young females in the industry, I am excited to see what the future holds for women in construction,” she says. 

“I think this industry has grown so much in being able to recognise and support women. Being in this position, to be able to create opportunities for other women is something that really excites me. It’s great to be able to do that and create changes that makes a difference.” 

This article was originally published in the August edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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